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Torbalı diş kliniği
Root Canal Treatment

A Root Solution for a Healthy Smile

As MAGNUS Dental Clinic, we offer root canal treatment to protect your dental health and restore your lost teeth. Serious caries, traumas or infections in the teeth can affect the pulp tissue in the tooth over time and cause discomfort. Root canal treatment is an effective method to eliminate these problems and save your tooth.

Root canal treatment aims to remove and clean the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth. The treatment process begins with the removal of infected or damaged pulp tissue inside the tooth. Then, the root canals are cleaned and disinfected with special tools. In the final stage, the empty root canals are filled with a suitable filling material and a protective filling or coating is applied to protect the tooth.

Some of the advantages of our root canal treatment service are:

  • Prevents tooth loss: Root canal treatment allows to save a tooth that needs to be lost due to caries or infection. In this way, it keeps your mouth structure and chewing functions regular by preserving the place of your natural teeth.

  • Relieves pain and discomfort: Pain, tenderness and other discomforts caused by inflammation or infection are eliminated with root canal treatment. Thanks to the treatment, the discomfort in your teeth is reduced and a healthier mouth is provided.

  • Aesthetic and natural appearance: After root canal treatment, a suitable filling or coating is applied to your tooth. In this way, the aesthetic appearance of your teeth is preserved and the closest result to natural teeth is obtained.

  • Long-term solution: Teeth treated with root canal treatment can often be used lastingly for many years. With regular oral hygiene and periodic controls, you can protect your dental health after treatment.

As MAGNUS Dental Clinic, we are here to provide you with the best service in root canal treatment with our experienced and expert dentists. With our advanced technology equipment and modern treatment methods, we provide you with a painless and effective root canal treatment experience.

Contact us to benefit from our root canal treatment service for a healthy smile and to protect your dental health!

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