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torbalı diş kliniği
With Transparent Plate
Orthodontic Treatment

Protect Your Natural Smile, Make Aesthetic Corrections

As MAGNUS Dental Clinic, we offer orthodontic treatment with clear aligners as well as traditional wire orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are a safe and effective method for straightening and aligning your teeth. It is an excellent option for aesthetically sensitive patients, because the transparent plates make the treatment process almost invisible.

Transparent plaques are made of a specially designed, transparent, durable plastic material. Measures are taken in accordance with your teeth and plaques are placed on the teeth. During the treatment process, force is applied in a controlled manner to align your teeth by changing your plates at regular intervals.

Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners has several advantages:

  • Aesthetics: Transparent plaques are almost invisible, unlike traditional metal wires. It corrects unwanted dental disorders while preserving your natural smile throughout the treatment process.

  • Comfort: Clear aligners cause less discomfort and irritation compared to wired orthodontics. Since the edges are smooth, it does not harm the gums and cheeks. Since the plaques are removable, you can easily perform daily activities such as eating, brushing your teeth and flossing.

  • Convenience: Clear aligners reduce the need to visit your dentist frequently. By following the instructions given to you, you may need to visit the clinic less frequently for your checkups and plate changes.

  • Appearance of the treatment process: Transparent plates are designed with digital technologies. In this way, you can see the treatment process in advance, discover in advance how your teeth will improve and what the results will be.

As MAGNUS Dental Clinic, we are here to offer you the best results with our experienced team specialized in orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. Choose us to determine your special treatment plan and achieve your natural smile.

Contact us and step into a healthy and properly aligned smile with clear aligner orthodontic treatment!

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